Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

I want spring. That's all I can think about these days. We are once again in the midst of a crazy ice snow storm. That groundhog, yeah the one that had the nerve to see it's shadow, better hope that I don't run into him on a walk. That's all I'm saying.

Since it was the perfect day to stay in and do nothing but sew, I finished quite a few little things (none on my accountability list).

I made some really cool little bags using my embroidery machine. I even put a zipper in. Zippers freak me out. I got the designs from Digistiches. The designs - AWESOME, addicting and incredibly quick to put together. Great great way to use up fat quarters and scraps.

Coral bag is 4x4 and the green/purple bag below is 5x7.

I'm sparing you pictures of all the bags I made. Let me just say, I really got carried away.

I made some itty bitty baby blankets. The material was fun because it's soft and stretchy or soft and furry. I once again used the embroidery machine to do it all. Some of the blankets I did have embroidery on one side. Others are just the fuzzy material.

I made wipes cases. Again with the zipper and the embroidery machine. Very addicting, so I'm sparing you all the pictures. The top is quilted. The dots has a straight line pattern and the frog is stippled. 10 minutes start to finish.

I made yet another strip quilt out of kids fabric that I bought several years ago. Biker Bugz. These bugs aren't quite as scary as some you see driving down the road on a hot summer day.

Fifth and the last for today:
A little kitty strip quilt. Actually I sewed together two, but they look the same, so only one picture. I've collected a lot of strip type fabric and I've vowed to use it this year. So far so good. I'm hoping to get quilting on these this week and then donate to Project Linus through my quilt guild.

Well, I must go finish laundry. Have a great week!

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