Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Progress and Excitement

I'm making progress on the cowboy quilt. The one that has been a UFO forever. Still not a fan of brown, but feeling much better about it since I ripped all the blocks apart and sewed them back together correctly.

Now for the excitement. I'm heading up to Hiawatha Iowa on Friday, by way of some quilt shops in Des Moines, to pick up my new Nolting Fun Quilter. I can hardly wait. I'm springing for a stitch regulator on this model. I can say I have master the concept of non-stitch regulation. I just think it will add to what I can already do. Over the years, I've purchased numerous templates and hope that now I can truly get use out of them. Without the stitch regulation, I found I can't hold the template and run the machine with the other hand. It's just too much for my little brain.

I will be sure to share pictures of my trip and my new baby as soon as it's home and set up.

Have a great rest of the week.

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