Monday, June 7, 2010


I feel like I've been hit by a Mack truck, oh and I really didn't enjoy it.  So what's been going on?

1.  Quick trip to Ohio for a funeral.  1600 miles on a rental car.  How insane is that?  I don't think my butt ever really got out of the driver's seat.
2.  A dad with Parkinson's who didn't take his medication and then thought eating soup would be a good idea.  Needless to say the 6 year old heard a lot of cussing.  There is a suit, tie and shirt that now need to go to the cleaners. 
3.  Work - YUCK, YUCK and more YUCK.  It pays the bills.  I keep trying to remind myself of that.
4.  A friend with cancer that goes in and out of the hospital.  Breaks my heart.  She was told to figure out her bucket list and get busy.  I'm trying to quickly finish a prayer quilt for her.  It's on the frame and 1/2 quilted.
5.  A bike accident tonight and I had to rush out to pick up bikes for those riding to the hospital in an ambulance.  What a way to get the blood racing and heart pumping.  Thankfully my husband knows NOW to tell me first thing that it wasn't him and he's fine.  His friend, 60+ year old gentleman, not so much.  Got turned away from the first emergency room due to his age and injuries.  YIKES!  Second hospital has a first level trauma ER so they took him. 
6.  Thankfully the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild meeting is on Thursday so I really have something to look forward to this week. 

Calgon take me away.  I'm going to try and get some sleep.


Nikki said...

Man, Becky, that's a LOT!

I think you should stay in bed instead of getting up tomorrow...

Looking forward to seeing you Thurs! Keep your chin up!

Lauren said...

I'm so sorry, Becky! I hope you get the best potholder! (It certainly won't be one of the ones I make!)

oldbatt said...

Geez - could one more bad thing happen to you???? Wow - what a time you've had. I hope things take a turn for the better now - you deserve it! Lisa