Friday, September 10, 2010

Love Hate Relationship

Do you have a love / hate relationship with anyone or anything? I’ve been thinking about that type of relationship since I’m currently in one. No, my hubby is the most wonderful man. My relationship is with Joann’s. I think I’m on the downhill slide again with that store. Or at least the store that’s closest to my house. If they didn’t have those darn coupons, I would easily part company. I know I can do it since I successfully parted company with a quilt store in town since. Haven’t been back to the shop since they really irked me, but it’s not the same with Joann’s. The bags I make are from Joann’s fabric that I can’t seem to find anywhere else. I also use my coupons to buy batting by the box for my quilts.

Two weekends ago I had a horrible experience at my local store; so much so that I completely melted down at the store in front of my child. I had to explain to her after regaining my composure that I shouldn’t have acted the way I did and that I hope she won’t act that same way. (Her response, I know you are hungry and that makes you crabby. I LOVE that kid) I could see the very long line at the cutting table when we walked into the store, so I made sure to grab a ticket before even looking at anything. My selected number was 39, but the number board hanging from the ceiling was reading 99. After finally making it through the cutting line, it was time to head to check out. That line was long, but no where near as bad. Long story short, my coupons weren’t all honored because that’s how the computer works. When I asked for an explanation I was told I would have to talk to a manger. Ok, I want to use my coupons, send him or her over so we can talk. Well, the manager said the same thing and then said sorry and walked off. Walking away didn’t resolve my issue or seem like a plausible explanation, it only caused me to react, which wasn’t pretty. I left the store and went directly home to fire off an email to corporate headquarters. I have yet to hear from anyone regarding the incident. I wasn’t the only person that day talking to the manager; that line was pretty long.

I do know that I won’t be going to the store by my house. Eventually I will cool down and make it back in there, but for now I’m sticking to my guns and refusing.

I have worked retail and had to deal with crabby customers like I was. The response I got was definitely not something I would have ever done or said to anyone. That’s what probably caused me to react the way I did. (Yes I was hungry, but that really didn’t have anything to do with it.)

POST NOTE - I've had this post written but wasn't sure if I publish it.  I changed my mind after visiting Joann's at lunch in search of glow in the dark thread.

Today I decided to give Joann's a try again.  After attending guild last night I found out that I could go online and sign up for the VIP discount which is 10% off your entire purchase.  I signed up and then went to the store today with those darn coupons and the information printed from the website. I didn't even get close to the cutting table because I didn't think I could behave like a civilized human being.  At check out I was again amazed by stupidity.  The girl ringing me up told me that I could not use the 10% discount because I had used coupons.  Below is the information that I pulled off the website and had in hand.

Become a Jo-Ann VIP & save 10% on every purchase!

If you are a reseller, member of a professional sewing or crafting organization, or an interior design professional, you can become a Jo-Ann VIP! As a Jo-Ann VIP, you'll save 10% on every total purchase*, including regular- and sale-priced items, at any Jo-Ann store or at®.

*Some exclusions apply. See card for details.

Since I didn't have a card to look at, my assumption (my mistake) was that the Go Die wouldn't be included.  I assumed that because on the 40% off coupon, it says it can't be used for Accuquilt GO items.  So today I received 40% off my die, 40% off a spool of thread and a "Sorry you can't use the 10% off on the other things you bought."  AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

I really need to find a new place to shop.  Or at least have a different attitude / outlook when dealing with people in retail.


Barb said...

Wow...that is a story out of a nightmare...sorry you are having such troubles....

Char said...

I had a problem with Joann where I was over charged. I returned to the store 2 days later to get a refund. I was told the price was correct because the items I purchased were not on sale. The sale signs were still up, so the salesperson ripped them down and said they should have been removed. In another life I was a store manager and knew that I should have paid the price on the sign. So I sent an email to the corp. office. I received and email apology back and my refund!
After that I said I wouldn't go to that store again. I'm lucky, I have two other Joann stores in my area.
So don't give up. I'm sure you will get a response. It's a shame they have those coupons!