Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snowy Day

There wasn't any school today because of the snow we got. The weather here in Kansas City is crazy to me, being from the Chicago area. School was cancelled yesterday for today. I don't ever remember that happening when I went to school (in the dark ages).

I tried to work from home this morning, but it didn't go so well since my little helper wouldn't leave me alone. I finally got tired of crabbing at her so I just called my boss and told her I would take vacation for the rest of the afternoon.

So since I was taking vacation, I decided to work on some sewing projects. I can say that I had a very SUCCESSFUL day.

First up, is my rendition of Crazy Mom Quilts (Amanda Jean) Fair and Square pattern. It goes together quickly. I have a box of 6 1/2" squares cut from every baby / kids quilt I've made. So I started digging and pulled out a variety. I'm pleased with how it turned out.
Fair and Square

Fair and Square

Next is my baby twister quilt.  The top is all together and now I just have to wait on my border fabric.  The shop that I got the charm squares from didn't have any yardage, so I had to order it online.  That should be here by this weekend (I hope).
Twister Baby Quilt

And last is my first pass at one of the t-shirt quilts I was asked to make.  I sent pictures via email to get comments before I start sewing shirts together.  Every time I cut a shirt or move a shirt all I can think about is the owner of the shirts ran 26 miles to get that t-shirt.  That's a whole lot of miles.  I love the shirt in the middle - it's a caricature of him.
T-shirt Quilt

Oh yeah, I finished this quilt over Christmas vacation when I was off.  It's the batiks that my friend brought back from Malaysia.  I LOVE it.
Batik - Finished

Batik - Up Close

Batik - Back

I think my helper and I will head back down to the girl cave and see what other things we can accomplish this afternoon.

Have a great night.

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jovaliquilts said...

Such great stuff! I make a lot of I Spy quilts and that's a layout I haven't seen before -- looks great!