Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some Finishes

I'm here, just have been swamped with life. The holidays got a SMIDGE crazy for me. Here are some pictures until I can come up with something brilliant to blog about.  (Yikes that might take me a while)

Ocean Art

Apple Core Table Runner
Table Runner - to be quilted still.  Used my Go Cutter (apple core die)

Grocery Bag
Fun Grocery bag that went to a good home

Christmas Towels
It was a towel kind of Christmas.   Everyone got some.

Missing tooth
Finally it came out.  

2011 Christmas Tree
Before Santa came and deposited more goodies.
My goal is to blog on a regular basis in 2011.


Barb said...

Loved seeing your projects but totally loved the missing tooth!

jacquie said...

happy new year, becky!! i've got the same goal...hope i can keep up.