Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random Stuff

Just some random stuff that makes me happy.  What makes you happy????

Bug Jars
Quilted this weekend for a customer.   I hope it goes to a lucky little boy.

Unwind Finished
Unwind finished with my model holding it for me.

31 Gifts
Thirty-One Gifts - I love their stuff.  This was for someone else, but I have the same cool purse.

Birthday Gift
Birthday present for a munchkin at school.

Me, my friend Nikki and Taylor Hanson (yes from the band Hanson).  Can't help it, they make me happy when I listen to their music. And yes I am old enough to be his mother (ouch).

At the concert having a GREAT time!!!

Soccer on Saturday has been so much fun this year.

Going to the zoo and hanging out with two little girls that will let me hang out with them (still).

Nature at it's finest.

Two cornballs thinking that the best thing in life is a colored tongue.

Birthday gifts given to friends.

Buddy.  He just makes me smile (97% if the time).

Thanks for letting me be goofy and share.

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Barb said...

Enjoyed your random stuff....love the bug quilt and your model.