Sunday, March 24, 2013

When it Snows...Dye

I think that this winter has been the one with the most snow, well at least for the last 3 or 4 years.

I decided the last big snow to do some snow dyeing.  Always intrigued, this time I was persuaded to gather up the supplies and give it a go.

I used these instructions.

We have some old screens from when we moved in to our house.  I used one of those and put it on top of an under the bed sweater box that has a hole.  Made sure to put the whole  over the drain on the basement floor.

There is fabric under all that snow.
Snow on fabric. Getting ready to dye.  #snowkc2013

I guess you could call this a parfait.  Red, Blue, Yellow and Green

Dye on the snow.  We shall see how this works.  #snowkc2013

Melting away  - Must be patient and let the snow melt.

Melting slowly. Can't wait to see what we end up with. I still have a good 10 yards of fabric that could be dyed.  #snowkc2013

Here are some of the first pieces from the parfait.

Fabric piece two. Snow dyeing experiment.


I had so much fun, I did a second batch and just used Red and Yellow.  One piece was only red.  One piece was red with some yellow.  One piece was yellow with some red and then a final piece that's all yellow.


Red with some yellow

Yellow with some red

Today's creation, blue, blue with some green and green.

Today's snow dyeing is green and blue.

Can't wait to see what the blue looks like.  Hopefully it will be as pretty as the red and yellows.

Over the holidays when Joann's was offering 50% off regular priced fabric, I was stocking up on Kona cottons.  They also carry a Kona Prepared for Dyeing Cotton and I think I bought about 15 yards.

Have a great day!

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