Friday, August 16, 2013

New Obsession

I have a new obsession and really think it could lead to a very big problem. Ok, not big, but large problem.  I say large because it requires making a quilt.  Even though the blocks will be small, the overall quilt will be large.

I'm obsessed with pixel quilts. Have you seen any of them? Have you taken a look at the class on Craftsy?

Craftsy is where my problem started.  I have a lot of problems and I think it's good to get back to the root of those problems.  I enrolled in a free mini class and that's where it all started.  One of the people that took the class made a pixel quilt of Gibbs from NCIS.  I really hope the link works.

Then I found a bunch of pictures on Flickr which really made my problem more significant.

This is from Candy Coated Quilts who blogs here.  Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek.  How AWESOME!!
The Captain Quilt

She also made this TOTALLY AWESOME Sheldon Cooper Quilt.  BAZINGA for sure!!
Sheldon Cooper Quilt!

Nancy (website linked) made this one.  I love the close up as well.
pixel me

Brittany's photo quilt close-up

Gavin Downey made a quilt of Jesus
Jesus Christ Quilt

Katy, who blogs at I'm a Ginger Monkey made this awesome Hello Kitty quilt.
hello kitty

Kristy Daum made a Doctor Who Quilt.  (click the link - seriously, you want to see this quilt).

Seriously can you understand my problem now?  Because the obsession keeps growing and I growing, I decided to start my own.  I haven't gotten very far.  I'm hoping to get part of the 2nd head done this weekend.  There will be 3 people in this quilt.  It's going to be very LONG.  I think over 12 feet.

Pixel Quilt

I'm sorry I can't reveal yet who my quilt is because I need to get a bit further along on it.

Thanks for letting me share one of my MANY problems with it.  Definitely much easier through pictures.

Happy Stitching!!  (That's where I'm heading)


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Kristy said...

Thanks for sharing a link to my Doctor Who Quilt. I'm so glad that you have joined the pixel revolution...hehehe