Friday, September 12, 2014

Can't come up with a good title

The soccer quilt was a success. I got this picture from the recipient's mom.

It really was a fun quilt to make.

I joined an online swap this summer to make Swoon blocks.  In my typical fashion, I waited until the very last minute to get everything done.  Thankfully the due date got pushed from 9/1 to 9/15.  Mine were put in the mail on 9/9.  Those blocks were fun but fussy.  Finally figured out a good way for me to get them together and ran with it.

In looking at the picture I do see an issue with one of the blocks in the 3rd row.  I didn't see it when I was making the block or before I put all the blocks in the mail.  I guess the recipient can put it on the back of her quilt.  All I can say is crap, I wish I would have caught that before hitting the post office.  I do have fabric left over, so maybe I can get another block done and in the mail directly to the recipient.

This weekend I will be working on t-shirt quilts again.  I've got to get them out of my house. 

Have a great weekend!!!

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