Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Feeling Fabric

What is it about feeling fabric that can tame the savage beast? I have yet to figure out why touching fabric can take me from a cranky state to a normal person again. Is it the slick feel of the fabric? Is it the colors that I'm looking at? What's the psychology behind it? For a while, I had fabric hiding in my desk draw at work for just those occasions. Then I decided to make something with it and took it all home. While I'm on a mission to stash bust, I really think I NEED to venture out to my LQS at lunch at pick up some fat quarters to replenish my drawer.

With the end of the year just around the corner, all the work craziness is coming to a head. If I hear one more person ask me if I can get something done today because they are going on vacation, I might SCREAM. As my husband would say, that's a YP (your problem), not an MP (my problem). I've been good at smiling and nodding today, but in the back of my head all I keep repeating is "You've got to be kidding me!"

So, TTFN, I'm off to Harper's for a sanity check.


Exuberant Color said...

For me it is the colors, but then the feel of the fabric is soothing too. It's the cheapest therapy around.

Becky said...

It must be the colors. My mood definitely lightened by the time I got back to the office. I now have fabric stashed in my desk drawer to get me through the mornings / afternoons.