Monday, December 17, 2007

Cheater Fabric

I have been pondering why cheater cloth is really called cheater cloth. I have come to the realization that working with cheater cloth is sometimes more difficult than making all the blocks from scratch. My friend came to work today with a quilt that she picked up last week while in Denver. She explained that the store was selling numerous class samples in order to make room for the new 2008 class samples. When she unfolded the quilt, I had to smile because it's cheater fabric that I have in my stash. I think I collected blue fabric for my sashing rather than green.
I realized that I have a lot of cheater fabric in my stash. Maybe 2008 can be the year of "cheater" quilts.

Speaking of 2008, I've been thinking about all of the unfinished projects I have in plastic shoe boxes. I really need to make a list and commit to finishing some of the many things I've started. While looking at the boxes and their contents, I encountered the unfinished New York Beauty from a class I took about 3 years ago. I'm committing that this will be the first top I complete in 2008. Unfortunately, there are only 4 completed blocks and I think I have about 20 (or more) to go.

After looking at the unfinished projects, it dawned on me that I have a lot of finished tops that just need to be quilt. Since I'm such a glutton for punishment, I opened the box they are living in and decided to count. 20 finished tops that need to be quilted. YIKES. I didn't count the 3 quilts that I have in the pile that aren't mine.

With that said, I should have plenty to blog about in 2008.

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Mary said...

Becky, I love the New York Beauty Blocks. I tend to make simpler quilts so I doubt I'll make one any time soon but I love them!