Wednesday, January 30, 2008

K State vs Kansas

We are definitely a KU (University of Kansas) house. I think my husband bleeds crimson and blue.

In honor of the basketball game going on, I thought I would share the K State quilt that I made for a friend. He happens to be here at the house cheering on his team. I can't remember where I found the K State material, but discovered it's definitely a collectors item. The fabric company that had it printed didn't have all the appropriate K State permissions in order and the fabric had to be pulled off the shelves. 20-20 hindsight, I wish I had bought a whole lot more.

I took a class at my LQS Prairie Points several years ago. Jeanne Poore taught the class and called the pattern Potato Chip. She said you can't just eat one chip and you can't just make one of these quilts. Jeanne was right! I think I made about 5 and finally retired the pattern for a while.

CLARIFICATION: The quilt was made when I took the class several years ago. I didn't want anyone to think I'm a superstar at finishing things. :-)


Exuberant Color said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I had to come and check you out. The pattern in your K state quilt is one that I pulled to make years ago and haven't done yet. It was done in scraps in a Patchwork Place book that is out of print. Now I just have to make it!

Laurie said...

that is a GREAT it in print somewhere??! We must not live too far from each other...I'm in south OP. Can you let me know about that pattern? I have KU fabric and want to make a quick quilt for the surgeon who repaired my son's ACL this summer!

Jacquie said...

Love this quilt (except for the KSU colors LOL!) It's probably gone up in value with the outcome of the game! You have been busy. The baby quilt is just beautiful wrinkles and all.