Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quilt Police Do Exist

I was checking email this morning and a sewing friend of mine CC'd me on an email she sent to Mark Lipiniski of Quilter's Home Magazine. Since it made me laugh out loud, I thought it too good not to share with everyone else.

The most recent issue has an article about Quiltzilla and how to put her in her place. Well my friend definitely has a sense of humor. Sometimes you have no idea what she's going to say next, which I think just adds to her ability to make people laugh. In the note she sent to Mark, she said that the Quilt Police really do exist. She has her own badge to prove it.

If you click the picture you should be able to see the badge better. It says Quilt Police Inspector. My friend said she doesn't think twice about pulling out and flashing it at shows (especially the big ones) when people are taking quilting far too seriously.

The MQS show is held here in Overland Park yearly. I'm definitely going to have to keep an eye out for that crazy badge toting lady.


Vivian Love said...

I love this! I knew there were 'quilt police' somewhere! LOL

Jacquie said...

Quilt police...good reminder...I'll be on my best behavior! Enjoyed your blog and viewing your work. I'm a quilt novice...maybe I'll see you at Harpers. They've been so helpful. Take good care.