Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Someone Slap Me Please!

I joke with my friends at work and the ladies in my sewing group that I really need a 12 step program. I tell them all that I'm working Step 1 by admitting that I have a problem. I can verbalize my problem and obviously write about my problem. I love fabric. I can't help myself. All the colors and the feel of the fabric get me all "tingly'. Then show me a fat quarter bundle or jelly roll of colors that I would never think could possible go together and I'm close to loosing my mind. The cool pattern to use the fabric, well that's what sends me completely over the edge. So maybe I am a McQuilter too.

Today for example, I went to my new favorite hang out, Harper's, for lunch. I felt like I was in an episode of Cheers (no specific episode) where Norm is greeted by his friends. Today I heard "BECKY" come out of 3 peoples mouths at the same time. That right there should have been the signal that I'm there way too much. I went to collect my fabric from Sunday's "strip club" get together that I couldn't attend. (I thought it would be rude to tell the 4 year old going to the fabric store took rank over her birthday.) I didn't even have to tell them why I was there, someone was already digging in the bin behind the counter. YIKES.

To add to my problem was the new bundle sitting on the counter for next month's strip club. I passed, but that's all I've been thinking about since I got back from lunch - do I, don't I, no I have enough strips (jelly rolls), very cool because its colors I wouldn't pick. See....I really think I need someone to slap me.

Yesterday I mentioned that I was trying to post a picture and couldn't. Here's what I wanted to share. My little helper. The fortunate thing for him was he had the comfy chair so I had to grab the hard kitchen chair to sew with. The things I do to keep the kitties happy. Up for a game of Where's Waldo? Shiner is a bit hard to see since I was working with black fabric and he's black.

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Exuberant Color said...

Isn't your "strip club" cheaper than therapy and so much more effective? Collect away!