Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why Do I Pick Up????

Regardless of the saying on the bottom of the picture, this is how I feel most of the time. I tried to pick up my sewing area after working on Monday. My problem is that I can't ever seem to find anything when I need it again. Either I do a great job at putting things away, or I REALLY am getting older and can't remember SQUAT. I would prefer not to admit to the second, so I'm just going with the fact that I'm a good "picker upper."

Tonight I volunteered to do a quilt label for a friend at work. She wanted something machine embroidered and I had some designs she liked so I agreed (because that's what friends do of course). Got everything all ready to go and then I couldn't find the blasted memory card for the machine. I searched and searched. In my haste of cleaning on Monday, I managed to knock the card into the crack between my sewing machine and serger. Gee that certainly isn't the first place I would have looked. OK, so I find the card, now I need to get the design from the computer to the card to be able to do my embroidery thing. Converter box oh Converter box, where might you be? I decided to pick up the computer desk on Monday too. I found the box nicely hidden behind the printer. Why in my right mind would I put it back there??? Who knows.

Again I ask, why do I try and pick up???? I should leave everything where it lands when I'm done with because then I really might be able to find it again. OK, enough whinning.

I found the B&W block in the picture at one of my outings to a big quilt show. It's from Block Party Studios. I love the designs that they come up with - they make me smile. The hand printed quilt fabric is fun to color. Makes me feel like I'm in Kindergarten again. I get to pull out my box of 12 fabric markers (too bad it's not 64) and see if I can stay in the lines.

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