Thursday, February 21, 2008

Still a UFO

Well this evening I worked and worked on a baby quilt in an attempt to check it off of my February completion list. No such luck. Hopefully I can finish it up tomorrow night.

I'm sitting here chuckling to myself because I realized I'm finally breathing. I need to learn to relax and breathe like a normal (or semi-normal) person when I machine quilt. At least I'm wasn't gritting my teeth which is my normal state affairs. Somehow I manage to hold my breathe until I either sew to the end of the quilt or I break the thread. Then there is always a huge gasp. I'm such a dork - at least I can laugh at myself.

I decided to work on my pantograph skills. Boy do I need help. At one point I got lost on the pattern and started to back track over what I had just sewed. Didn't look to bad, so there is NO WAY I'm riping out those itty bitty stitches. I managed to get tangled in the cord at one point and couldn't figure out why the machine wouldn't move. Helps not to have all my weight on it. My guess is if there was a video of tonights sewing session, there would be tons of laughter. Oh well. This quilt will more than likely be a donation quilt.

Well, off to bed! I'm sure I will dream about the crazy panto pattern tonight.

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