Saturday, February 23, 2008

Melancholy Day

Today I'm a little on the sad side. My Godmother (Auntie Lo) passed away 2 years ago today. At the time, I had some serious craziness going on in my life and I don't think I really took the time to mourn her passing the way I should have. I think what’s hard for me that she was the only really connection I had to my mom who passed away when I was 7. It was fun to hear Auntie Lo talk about all the fun and trouble that she and mom got into together. Best friend stories if you know what I mean. You are probably thinking my dad isn’t around, but he is. It’s just different to hear stories from a best friend versus a husband. My dad isn’t real good about communicating either, so it’s hard to pull much out of him as it relates to my mom.

Now that I have a child it makes me sad to think that Auntie Lo will never get to hear the funny Grace stories. She won’t get to enjoy the pictures that I have taken yearly of my little munchkin to see how much she is growing up.

I realize its all part of life and growing up and being an adult, but it’s still not fun.

Anyhow, I thought I would share a quilt that I made for Auntie Lo. Auntie Lo loved anything that was Asian. She had her ENTIRE house decorated in oriental d├ęcor. I saw the kimono wall hanging and knew I had to make it for her. When I went for her funeral, the quilt was beautifully displayed on her living room wall (with a picture of me from high school right next to it).

I paper pieced the kimonos because I was pretty new to quilting and couldn’t figure out how to piece the crazy triangles. The binding is a little rough looking because I thought everything should be sewn on the machine. Some day I may take the binding off and “redo” it, but for the time being it will stay as is.

I love and miss you Auntie Lo!


loulee1 said...

What a beautiful quilt. Happy memories.

KCQuilter said...

What a nice tribute to your godmother. Darling kimono quilt. I bet she loved it.

Jacquie said...

What a nice way to remember her. I'm sure she's smiling remembering you. It sounds like you were a blessing to her.

Teresa said...

((((Becky)))) - just wanted to give you a hug. Your Auntie Lo obviously cherished the quilt you gave her, and loved you dearly. I am sure it brought her much pleasure and now you can take comfort in your happy memories of her and knowing that she enjoyed your gift so much.