Saturday, February 16, 2008

Woman on a Mission

Today I was a woman on a mission to finish some projects before starting anything else.

I started by cutting and sewing together binding for 4 quilts and a back for another.

I quilted a baby quilt that was on my frame. I was concerned because I kept breaking the thread and ending up with a giant mess on the backside of the quilt. I finally got everything running smoothly and was able to finish the quilting. I'm pleased with this one. I did swirls again. Definitely think I have the hang of them and need to move onto something else for the next quilt.

My DH was impressed with this quilt. He asked who it was for. All I could do was shrug and smile. I think he thinks that I have a person in mind for each of the quilts that I'm managing to finish.

Next on this list were bags. I love those little bags, so I made 3 more. They go together so quickly I couldn’t help myself.

To finish the productive day, I put the binding I made on 3 quilts. I will get to the last quilt and it's binding once I get all my hand sewing done.

On top of my productiveness today, during the week I managed to finish 9 bags for the photographer.

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