Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ode to My Honey

Happy Valentine's Day

My honey is home sick today with the crud that we keep passing around. He wasn't looking or sounding so good this morning, so I was more than happy to come to work. (YIKES - that's bad huh!)

My post today is basically in honor of my honey. As I'm typing this I think what a great guy he is to put up with all of my hobbies and interests. Don't get me wrong there are times he gives me plenty of grief over the quilting and the amount of cash spent on fabric (that doesn't get used). He also likes to get his pokes in about the craziness of taking a large piece of perfectly good fabric, cutting it up into smaller pieces and then sewing it all back together.

My DH is also the first one to let me retreat to the basement to sew after an exceptionally stressful day at work. He knows it's better to give me a few minutes...or an myself to relax than deal with what ever he might have to face if he doesn't.

Compliments are also something he is very quick to provide on my quilts. He knows that I'm my own worst critic and is very quick to get his compliments in before I start dissecting the top I just put together or the quilting job I just completed.

So with that said, Thanks Honey and Happy Valentine's Day.

P.S. - Can I stop at the quilt store on the way home? :-)


Laurie said...

Sorry the DH is sick but your post is too cute! Isn't it great being married to a great guy? I am too!
who has a lot of unused fabric too!

KCQuilter said...

Here's hoping the crud takes wings and leaves your house SOON!!!

Jacquie said...

Nice ode! I think you are a lucky woman...or one who makes really good choices!!!