Saturday, March 1, 2008

Checking In

Wow, what a whirlwind week it's been. My MIL came in from Modesto CA on Wednesday night LATE. Grace, MIL and I want to the mall on Thursday to ride the infamous Merry-Go-Round. Thankfully MIL was very accommodating and rode the Merry so I didn't have to. Sad to say, but riding in circles like that makes me horribly motion sick. Then there was the run into the Disney store, Libby Lu's and Build a Bear. OMG - the kid was in heaven because Grandma just couldn't say NO.

Thursday and Friday brought trips downtown for me to the DAX convention that's here in KC. I'm very much interested in starting my own embroidery business. My ultimate goal is to be able to work from the house while Grace is in school and be here when she gets home. It's those old fashion values of parenting kicking in. Anyhow, the convention was a great opportunity to stare and compare and touch those big embroidery machines. I was also able to pick up catalogs and find vendors very happy and willing to accept my business. I'm hoping to get working now on funding and getting the business and resale license in order.

The weather here in Kansas City is supposed to be spring like today. I think we are going to hit the sidewalks with the purple bike and go cruising. Grace can hardly stand it. Up at 7 AM this morning asking if she could go out and play. I guess the kid has spring fever just as bad as us big people.

I'm hoping to hit Harper's Quilt shop today for Charm School. Since the last pattern was so cute and went together so easily, I can't help myself. I must go check it out.

All for now. One last note - spell checker is fixed. YIPPPEEEE!!!!!


Laurie said...

good thing i read your blog this morning...thanks for the reminder about charm school! good luck with the embroidery machine!

Jacquie said...

Isn't it fun that "NO" isn't part of the grandma vocabulary! Hope you and your family got out to enjoy the warm weekend. What's up with this chill again?!!! Good luck with the business...I'll look forward to hearing more about it.

KCQuilter said...

Ooooh, exciting news about setting up your own embroidery business. Sounds like a very promising business. And it will be nice to be home for your wee one. Isn't this weather bizarr-o!!! It was so nice on the weekend and so, well, wintry now!!! AAARRRGGGHHH.