Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Finish

We woke up to snow this morning. The wonderful forecasters said we were supposed to have rain. They can't ever seem to get it right. Thankfully it hit the high 40's so now it's all melted. I'm so ready for Spring.

I was able to make some time and finish the quilt top I started on Thursday night. Todays quilting session seem to go much smoother than Thursday night.

I used Linda Taylor's Rosey Posey panto. I LOVE that design. I think I'm going to have to use it on a lot more of my quilts. The pattern came as an 8 and 15" design. I can do the 8, but I think the 15 is bigger than I can work on my frame. I will have to figure out how to do some reducing.

One more UFO completed. I don't think I really have accomplished as much as I wanted during February, but I did get a few things done.

Our computer is up on the 2nd floor and we have an open floor plan. I'm chuckling at the conversation going on downstairs. DH is trying to convince Grace it's bathtime. She needs her hair washed tonight, which is always an ordeal. He asked if she was ready to go upstairs and the response was a definite NO. When asked why she responded that Mommy was going to wash her hair. Daddy tried to explain that he could do it. Grace's answer - NO WAY you use the bucket. Meaning he fills one her play buckets with water and just dumps it on her head. I think I would have to respond the same way to him if I knew he was going to wash my hair like that.

My MIL will be coming in Wednesday night from California. I don't think I will get much done while she is here. I wished that she was crafty because then we could hit the quilt shops, but she's not. I believe there will be a trip to the Disney store and the Merry-Go-Round at the mall. Oh well, it will be nice to visit.


Laurie said...

great quilt! it's adorable and the quilting fits it! as for that delayed dh's and my trip to cancun for a week...

Jacquie said...

This is such a sunny and springy quilt. Love the fabric and your quilting!

Quilting Mama said...

Great job on finishing another UFO, it's so cheery! Enjoy!