Sunday, March 30, 2008

UFO # 8 (Quilted)

Did I have you waiting with baited breath? On pins and needles??

The connection between the gum and UFO #8 is the crazy zebras. I saw the fabric, who knows where, and had to have it because it reminded me of the Fruit Stripe gum I chewed as a child.

You see the resemblance right?

OK, here is the finished quilt.

Dwirling is the quilting pattern I used. The Pajama Quilter (Dawn Rameriz) does a segment on her DVD on dwirling. It's an all over pattern that's more just to give the quilt texture. I thought it could look like the lines you see on a zebra. OK, so it's a little much for this quilt, but it was fun. Practice, practice, practice for me using this pattern. There are areas where I wasn't very consistent with my spacing in between passes. Oh well, I'm rather pleased with my efforts.

And a closer look...

Sissy just couldn't stay out of the picture. She couldn't wait for me to take the quilt off the rail so she could take a little nap on it.


Jacquie said...

This is the most darling fabric! I used to love fruit stripe gum. I didn't know they made it any more. The quilt and the quilting are great!

Laurie said...

OMG...I absolutely ADORE that fabric...tooooooooooooo cute! And yep, those zebras definitely resemble fruit stripe gum zebras! I also think your dwirling is the perfect quilting on this one! Great job Becky!

Mary said...

Your dwirling looks good. I think variations in the spacing of the lines adds more interest too.

This is one of my new favorite quilting designs along with Wonky Feathers.