Thursday, March 13, 2008

We Need Spring, Warm Weather, Etc.

This is how my day went. One sick 4 year old. Shiner staying close by to keep an eye on her. I so want warm weather to get here. My hope is maybe that will kill the germs that seem to be living in the day care that Grace goes to. This winter has been one endless cold and it's getting OLD. Whine Whine Whine!!!!

My birthday present came in the mail today and boy oh boy did my honey out do himself this year. I happened to be perusing ETSY and ran across some fabric that I thought was really cool. I thought he would think it was cool too because it looks like cool stuff you can do in PhotoShop and I know he loves playing with that program. Anyhow, check out my goodies. There are pieces that I didn't post because the pictures didn't turn out that great and well I'm too lazy to walk downstairs and take some more.

I also got 2 pieces of hand dyed fabric. One is a teal color and the other is red/orange. My honey was beaming when I was looking at these 2 pieces. He announced he no earthly idea how much to buy so he bought it all. I got 1 1/4 yards of teal and about 7 yards of the red/orange. I can hardly wait to get busy doing something with my beauties. I might have to hang them on the design wall and oogle for awhile.

Check out the other fabrics this textile artist (Jacqueline Beck) is selling on ETSY.

I've become rather addicted to reading blogs and looking at all of the wonderful quilt pictures. I told my sewing friend Pam about the blogs I've been looking at and all the information I'm finding online. Her ears perked up. Low and behold, she has decided to join the Land of Blogs. Check her Pam's blog.


Laurie said...

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THOSE ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun with them.

Sorry your daughter is sick...that's no fun!

Jacquie said...

So hope she's better soon. Oh my gosh those are in Tim Gund's words "ravishing". Don't you just want to frame them and look at them all day!

Teresa said...

Happy Birthday! What unique fabrics - too pretty to cut.