Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another Finish

UFO #6 finished.

What I thought would be an easy finished, wasn't so easy after all. I put the top on the frame and started it. All was going well and then the thread breaks started. I adjusted, threaded the machine again and even took a break. While on break, I thought that chocolate might be order. Chocolate definitely helped change the frame of mind I was in. Finally after entering the chocolate induced haze, I headed down to finish.

I put another quilt on the frame. Hopefully I can get to it later tonight (or tomorrow). I don't normally float the top, but I was feeling daring when I loaded it. Hopefully I won't regret that decision. I made 2 quilt tops from this jelly roll (Moda Celebrate Spring).


Jacquie said...

It looks like it all came out well in the end. Chocolate cures all! Congrats on another finish!

Laurie said...

love the quilts! they are soo cute!