Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kaw Valley Quilt Show

Today we took a trip to Lawrence Kansas to see the quilt show put on by the Kaw Valley Quilt Guild. Instead of sharing pictures I took, I'm going to share pictures that Grace took. My husband loves to take pictures and thought it would be fun to give Grace her own camera to see what she could do. It's funny to see things from her perspective.

First Quilt she saw when we walked in the door.Announced this quilt had an H in it like her friend Haly's name.

Little baby from a quilt peeking down at her.
Realized this was a quilt with a Jayhawk on it and announced to all within range that her dad needed this quilt.

One last picture - my tired pup on the way home from a full day of looking and shopping. We stopped at Stitch On and Sarah's.


Laurie said...

LOL Becky! It's fun to see how quilts look from a shorter vantage point! LOVE the pic of Grace passed out in the back seat!

Anonymous said...

This was fun - seeing quilts through a child's eyes. Thanks!

Jacquie said...

Last picture is the cutest! How sweet that you used Grace's pics! My mom called on Saturday to tell me this show was happening. Too busy a weekend to get away. Glad I got to see a few thru Grace's eyes.

Judy Laquidara said...

Your tired pup looks exactly the way I feel after attending a quilt show. Thank her for the pictures, will you?

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. That applique one is a wonder.