Sunday, May 4, 2008

Can't Believe It's Sunday Night

Where did the entire weekend go???? I know that I got things done, but it just doesn't seem like enough.

I did get my messy sewing area cleaned up. I can now see the table where one of my sewing machines sit, so I might be able to do some work this week. I also cleared the cutting table so I can now see the matt, my ruler and the rotary cutter.

This morning I had a friend come over who needed some sewing done. On Friday, she found some sun dress material (already smocked stretchy top - aka from the 70's) that she wanted me to serge up the back for her. I didn't really notice that she had brought in several bags when we headed to the basement. We got all the dresses for her and her 2 girls figured out, when the final bag was opened. This is where I had to chuckle because I knew I was really in for some sewing. My friend had committed to make a fleece blanket for another lady that we work with. The lady has been asking when it would be done, when the reality of it was that it hadn't even been started. So long story short, we threw it on the quilt frame and machine quilted it together with a meandering stitch. Turned out pretty darn cute. My friend was funny because I started the machine up and did the first row just to make sure the thread wasn't going to break. I rolled the fabric and got ready to start the 2nd row. She just kept getting closer and closer to me, knowing I'm one of those crazy people that has space issues. She was definitely in MY space. I stopped the machine and let her take over. She had a great time meandering all over the quilt. There was enough fabric on the top, bottom and sides, that she's just going to trim it down and fold it over the sides to make the binding. After we pulled the masterpiece off the frame she announced that she will coming back again for several Sunday's during the fall to make blankets for Christmas. LOL!

I started cutting out 6" squares today to make an I SPY quilt. I have this idea in my head and hopefully it will turn out like I'm imagining. Hopefully I can get some pictures up of it this week. I need to have it done by the 16th for a baby shower I'm going to. I'm going to do some machine embroidery on it in hopes of drumming up some business.

MQS is coming to Overland Park in 2 weeks. I can hardly wait. I think it's because I missed the show in Chicago last month. I'm hoping to make some money at my garage sale this weekend, so that I have some shopping money.

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Suzanne Earley said...

I have whole weeks and months like that. I know I was busy, but what did I accomplish??

MQS -- I'm driving down a week from tomorrow. I'd better finish getting ready for my classes!