Thursday, May 8, 2008


Today I found this list of quilter's acronyms on this blog. I think I could seriously do a post on each one of these acronyms. Hmmm something to think about or fodder for reading, which ever way you want to look at.

FART = Fabric Acquisition Road Trip
FIU = Finish It Up
HSY = Haven’t Started Yet
OBW = one-block wonder
PIGS = projects in grocery sacks
PIPS = projects in process
SABLE = Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy
SEX = Stash Enhancement EXperience (or Expedition)
UFO = UnFinished Object
USO = UnStarted Object
VIP = Very Important Project
WHIMM = Works Hidden In My Mind
WIP = Work in Progress
WIWMI = Wish It Would Make Itself
WOMBAT = Waste of Money, Batting, and Time
WWIT = What Was I Thinking
WISP = Work In Slow Progress
WIVSP= Work In Very Slow Progress

Do you have any to add to the list???

Tomorrow is the big garage sale in our neighborhood and our house. I decided to post some of the items on Craig's List to drum up traffic (to clear the rest of my spectacular goodies). OH MY GOSH. My email exploded overnight. 3 pages of responses. Who knew that a crazy Little Tyke Playhouse would be such a hot commodity. I can only hope that everyone will come and buy everything so I won't have to deal with it on Sunday.

Have a great weekend!


Jacquie said...

I saw these on her blog too! I just about died laughing. So true too!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

so that's what a WISP is... fun list. thanks for stopping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had this list when I started blogging. It took me months to figure them out.

Vivian Love said...

This is great! I loved it!

Cheri said...

I heard one today...IFFI...I Finally Finished It