Thursday, May 22, 2008

Special Delivery

SPECIAL DELIVERY for Becky from ....

I love going to mailbox when there is a special package in there just for me and especially when it's from Kimberly Jolly.

I saw a book on Stella Bellas blog and it caught my eye. Anything to do with the infamous Jelly Roll will catch my eye. Doesn't take much to capture and addicts attention, you know!

So here's the booty I got in the mail.

17 projects. I'm in Heaven. Here's page 1 to tease you into purchasing the book too.

I had to do a little more shopping while online because I didn't want the book to lonesome all by itself in the mail. Another cool Jelly Roll pattern...

And a pattern for charm squares since I think I'm just as addicted to those as I am Jelly Rolls.

Hopefully with the upcoming holiday I will be able to spend a little time in the "Girl Cave" as it's so fondly referred to by the opposite sex.


Jacquie said...

Both those books look wonderful. I've never purchased a jelly roll before. I think I would LOVE them because I do hate cutting.

Laurie said...

WOOHOO Becky! You go girl!