Friday, May 23, 2008


I don't know about anyone else, but this was one long week. What's up with that??? Did it seem long because of the upcoming 3 day weekend? Or was it just long because of the new system install at work that didn't go well at all? I don't know. None the less it Friday and I'm OH SO THANKFUL for that.

Big plans? I think we will be eating some BBQ, drinking a few adult beverages and enjoying the company of our friends. Right now I have a houseful playing Wei games. It's funny to hear them all yelling at the TV and game. I'm not a big video game person, so for me it's way more fun to sit and watch and LAUGH loudly.

My hope is to finish one quilt top and get it on the frame over the weekend. I realized that the person I'm making it for has a birthday coming up what sooner than I planned on. Another what's up with that - why do we all wait so incredibly long to make something for someone and the time just keeps creeping up faster than we are prepared for? I chalk it up to my horrible sense of timing. I always think I can get something done in a much shorter time than the average person. I don't know WHY I think that since I always end up giving the handmade gift late. Perfect example is the I SPY baby quilt that still needs to have the binding hand sewn. Took it to the shower, gave it as a gift and then took it back home. I found out the today that the baby decided to go breech, so there is a C-Section scheduled for June 5th at noon. I need to get cracking!!! UGH!

My other goal for the weekend is to try to get all of my patterns, pictures and embroidery designs off the computer that felt the need to bite the dust last night. Hopefully honey can nurse it long enough for me to dump everything to our external drive. Thank goodness Santa brought us a new computer (and laptop) at Christmas.

Guild meeting is Tuesday and I think that I might have a guest joining me. We will be playing fat quarter BINGO. I'm rather excited. If my guest does join me (and you know who your are), I just might have to reveal both of our identities by posting a picture. OH MY GOSH!!!

Well if I don't post over the LONG 3 day weekend, have a great one!!!!

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Jacquie said...

I'm excited too! Reveal our it too late for a makeover? lol