Friday, August 22, 2008

Busy Week

I have been busy this week, but all my projects are still in the piece part stage, so I don't really have anything fun to show...yet.

Below is a picture of the quilt my mother in law did that I quilted. I ended up doing a stipple on it. I tried to use one my pantographs, but wasn't having much luck. The stitches kept skipping and I just wasn't pleased. I figured if I did an all over stipple, then I could stand on the front and see what was going on with the stitches and eliminate the removing of stitches.

Just have to share this picture of Grace. She went to preschool this morning with pony tails. Her hair is FINALLY long enough that we can get a little pony in the back or 2 ponies on the side. The way she looked this morning just made me have to take a picture and smile.

I hope to finish up a couple tops this weekend, so I will have some photos to share.

Have a great weekend.

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