Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October...Where Did It Go????

I'm not MIA really. I just seem to have lost an entire week and can't quite seem to figure out where it went.

So what have I accomplished? Doesn't seem like much of anything. I did manage to get the Cowgirl's Halloween outfit done. She got to wear it to her preschool party on Friday night. The pictures aren't very good, so hopefully I can take some more on Friday before the tricking and treating begins.

I made the jacket which has fringe on the yoke. There's a pink suede boot and cowboy hat on each side. Sheriff's stars on the top of the jacket on each side. The skirt is out of my head and turned out better than I thought it would. I put fringe down the sides and elastic for the waist. The cowgirl boots were a must. We just need to find the fancy hat before Friday.

Tonight I made the bag below for the Grace, pictured with my Grace above. Her birthday party is Saturday afternoon. I decided that I was NOT going to buy something for her, but would make something instead. Since she's having a Princess party, I thought it only appropriate to put a Princess on her purse. I think I will put some markers and paper in the bag and call it good. My Grace loves to take her purse in the car to outings so she has something to do.

The remainder of my missing days have been spent trying to get baby items together so I can start embroidering them. I have 2 baby showers to attend, so once again, it will be a home made gift. Hopefully I can get moving on those over the weekend.

The queen size quilt is still on the frame. Seems that time has been available to get going on it. UGH. Hopefully soon I can finish that and get it on a bed.

My ETSY site hasn't gone up either. I swear I'm the slowest and am agonizing over nothing. Jump in. I keep telling myself - Don't be afraid little chicken.

Well, if I don't post again this week, have a great Halloween.

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jacquie said...

i know what you mean about october disappearing...yikes! cute costume. good luck getting all those projects completed.