Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rally and Etsy

This weekend is almost over. Haven't gotten much sewing done. Oh well. I do need to get working on a cowgirl outfit or my name is going to be MUD.

This will be my first and probably last comments about politics. That is one of those subjects that I completely steer clear of. I don't like confrontation regarding politics or religion. Everyone has an opinion and I'm not one to argue about mine. So with that said, I will say I went to the Obama Rally held in KC last night. Great experience. It brought out all sorts of people and really got me thinking. Obama said a few things that hit me close to home, which was good. The Felps cronies from Topeka were out and spewing hatred as usual. The weather was absolutely beautiful. I realized that I really do love living here in Kansas City and it is definitely my home.

Here are a few pictures:

This is the all types guy

I'm trying to get an Etsy shop set up to sell some quilts and machine embroidery. I did take a lot of pictures this weekend. Hopefully I can get that all up and running this week.

Have a great week!!!

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jacquie said...

so jealous...i was at my parent's this weekend. i'm kicking myself that i didn't drive in. my friend veda was on stage and had her megaphone revving up the crowd. she's almost 70 and is the feistiest lady i know. i saw her on the news. so cool that you got to go.