Thursday, October 2, 2008


I can't believe it's October. Where the heck has the year gone? I'm really not ready for it to be October. That means that Christmas and the other holidays are that much closer.

Title to the post...Slacker. I thought that was better than LOOSER. Yesterday was my Dad's 84th birthday and I completely forgot to call him. I remembered at 11PM my time, which would have been midnight for him. I really hemmed and hawed trying to decide whether to call real quick. The decision was to wait until morning since he might think something was really wrong.

Grace and I tried to call him on the way to daycare/work, but no answer. I guess I'll keep trying through out the day today. No answer leads me to another dad story. I bought dad an answering machine in February. He has yet to figure out how to get it turned on. Who knew it could be so darn difficult. I told him not to worry about a message, just let the little lady that lives in the machine do the talking. Dad was OK with that. His thing is the instructions don't make sense. UGH!!! I told him not to read the instructions. Just plug it into the wall jack, plug the electric cord in and hit the button that might be flashing and WHA LA, good to go. Oh no, dad is an old engineer, so instructions are a big part of his mindset. I finally told him to return the machine/phone to Target and get something he would use. Oh no, he insists he will figure it out. Don't you think if he hasn't figured it out in 7 months, that he's not really going to figure it out? My sister thinks we should get him a cell phone. Are you KIDDING me?????

I jokingly tell my husband that I hope the lack of understanding related to technology isn't a genetic thing otherwise Grace is going to be irritated with me to no end.

Have a great day! The weekend is right around the corner and it's supposed to be beautiful here in Kansas City.

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