Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Festivites and Sewing

I decided to take today off work to stay home and watch the inaugural coverage. My real motive is to get some serious sewing done too. The embroidery machine will be running at a constant pace today as I try to get a quilt quilted.

The TV is on already and I'm ready for all the coverage. I talked to the guy I work with yesterday about the inauguration. We both decided that we don't remember excitement and coverage like there will be today. It's a very important day in history and if I can't be there to see it in person, I just want to see it on TV.

EDIT - 7:30PM:

I just came up for air. The TV was on the entire day. I completely teared up during the speech that President Obama gave. He said so many things that really hit home for me. It's so exciting to be an American and to be part of this country. This definitely is a time of change.

So onto the things I got done today. I sewed like a woman possessed. The cats helped me. Buddy didn't like all the machine noise and started pacing so he spent some time in his crate.

Finish #1 - this baby quilt for a lady that contacted me via ETSY. She is having a baby and has not found out if it's a boy or girl.

I think I did a pretty good job keeping the colors neutral. The back is a pale green and so is the binding. All I have left is to finish hand sewing the binding.

Finish #2 was the Dresden Plate quilt that I showed a couple days back. I had to figure out how to finish the top of it. So that's now done and ready to be handed off. The cats LOVE that quilt, so it's in the dryer right now being fluffed to remove some of the cat hair it accumulated while visiting my house.

Finish #3 was the back for a quilt top that I finished around November. The back is loaded on the quilt frame and waiting for me to get busy. I need to get the batting and top centered and I'm ready to get it quilted. I even cut the binding out and it's ready to be sewed on once the quilt is together.

Finish #4 was a panel quilt that I added some borders too. It was partially done so I finished it and got the back ready. The binding is also cut and ready to go.

In between the mad frenzy of machine quilting and sewing, I fired up the embroidery machine and made some Bluework blocks. After looking at the picture, I can see I need to pick some more of the stabilizer from the back.

I love the new machine. Not a single thread break. The machine just starts and runs until it's done. Gotta love it. If I can find some material for bags, I will get started on those again.

Well, I must retire and get one small child ready for bed. Have a great night!!


jacquie said...

so glad you got the embroidery machine issues taken care of!! i'm with you...an important day and i'm watching every minute.

jovaliquilts said...

You sure get a lot done on your day off!!
I was glued to the TV all day, too, but my sewing machine is not near the TV. My kitchen is, so I cleaned the refrigerator and several drawers and shelves! A clean kitchen for a new era. I did sat down to watch the speech though. What a day!