Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Projects

Christmas ornaments that look like icicles. I will put some rhinestones on them to make them a little shiny.

Valentine's day hand towels. Made some for me and my mother in law. I have some for Grandma, but they just aren't stitched yet.

My favorite creation for the 2 days. A bag for Grace to carry her tap and ballet shoes in. Poor kid is going to have to be my poster child / walking billboard.

Just so you know, I love my new machine. The thread is doing what it's supposed to be doing. I can hit the button and walk away and not have to babysit the machine. I'm happy happy happy. Or as my dad would say, as happy as a pig in slop. Yep that's me!!!

I also got the Dresden plate quilt trimmed so that I can stitch the back to the front. Then off to it's owner. I'm planning to spend Tuesday watching inaugural festivities and quilting.

Have a great week.

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