Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finally Some Quilting

This is a quilt from one of the girls at work. It's for her daughter's birthday tomorrow. All she wanted was a big meander. Took me all of a 1/2 hour to quilt. I put the binding on for her and will start the hand sewing before I give it back.

I will need to remember this quilt every time I think I want to quilt for a living. This one will make me re-think that whole idea. I did flowers with leaves in the sashing. Then I quilted around the edge of each Dresden plate. The quilt was made by an 80 year old and was partially sewn and partially done by hand. Nothing was really straight. I'm not the straightest person, but this one was really hard for me to try and get straight. There are prairie points around the sides and I need to figure out how to finish the edges.

We celebrated Grace's birthday with the family today. That was a lot of fun. Nothing crazy, just some cake and ice cream with the great grandparents, grandparents and aunt & uncle.

I'm hoping to make it down to the basement to do a little bit of embroidery, but who knows. Dance starts again tomorrow, so I need to get the bag together with all the shoes and clothes.

Have a great week.

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