Monday, January 12, 2009

Serious Whining

Turn away now, this is going to be some serious whining. If you don't want to read my whines and complaints, run quickly.

I think I have mentioned several times that the embroidery machine I got went back to the shop. Well I still haven't gotten it back. Purchased on 12/10 and it's now 1/12. Can't seem to get anyone to respond to me. Today I stepped it up and went directly to Babylock. 2 phone messages and an email. I figured that I would have heard from someone this morning. No nothing.
I do have a loaner from the shop that I've been using, but it's not my machine. My brand new shiny machine.

The retailer was supposed to send the machine back between Christmas and New Years. I was told it went back on the 8th of January. I don't know whether to believe them or not now. It's probably still sitting there in the shop.

I couldn't get the machine to work with any of the thread that I have. My good old Singer worked/works just fine. No thread breaks, no rethreading. It likes rayon, poly or metallic. This new machine hated all my thread. Then to hear the retailer tell me that I just needed to replace the thread and not use Sulky or Maderia made me want to scream. For the money I spent, that machine should be able to work with yarn should I want to embroider with it. OK, so I'm not going to try yarn, but you get my point. You can't just make a blanket statement about thread and expect me to jump and replace everything I have purchased. Not going to happen. Yes I understand there are bad spools of thread that you run into OCCASIONALLY. Not every spool of thread I own is bad.

I so don't want to throw a big old stinking hissy fit, but boy it's coming close. The hubby is about to get involved and let me share that just isn't going to be pretty.

Seems like customer service just doesn't exist anymore. I feel like someone should be bending over backwards to help. I don't feel like I'm getting that. So I have a loaner and they didn't have to do that for me. Then again, they would have seen the ugly side of me if I didn't get a loaner.

I keep trying to remain calm, but the blood is starting to boil. I feel like I've made a HUGE mistake and everyone is just laughing. We have the money, now lets see what she's going to do. My fear right now is that should I choose to return everything then the next fight is going to start because I'm out of my 31 day return window.

UGH, UGH and triple UGH!


Laurie said...

oh becky, i am so sorry to hear this. it is just WRONG when you definitely got a bad machine. I hope it'll work out for you.

Helen Conway said...

If you were in the UK I would give you more specific legal advice but I don't know anything about the law in Kansas. However, can I say that a very calm, written, detailed and specific hissy fit might not be a bad idea. OK not a hissy fit but set out in writing your complaint and what you expect them to do. In the UK it would be possible to get some advice on what your general consumer rights were form a Citzens Advice Bureau or trading standards departments. Google to see what exists in your area and take some advice bfore writing that letter. I understand in the US there are law centres and sometimes Law schools set up centres where students give free advice. This link is also a place to start looking for details of the consumer law in your state. You refer to a 31 day return window. If that is the law in your state then you might have a problem but often people refer to such returns policies because that is what the suppliers offer in their contacts of sale as a matter of good will. In fact the consumer law often gives the customers greater rights than those the seller tells you about. It is vital that you find out what those are and inform the seller of them ( they may not know anymore than you do!) Given them time to reply and if you do not get a suitable response follow up askig for a response and telling themn you wil take action ( in whatever way you find out you can do in your state) I am sure that there will be some type of small claims system or trading standards tubunal type thingy ( in the UK it is the small claims track of the County Court) that you can use for these claims that are imprtant but of relatively low value. Good luck