Monday, April 6, 2009

April is....

The month that I participate in Jacquie's Spring to Finish challenge. I'm glad there are people out there that can motivate me.

And since I'm feeling a bit technically challenged, maybe I should try to beef up on my HTML so I can figure out how to grab the picture for the challenge. Oh well, I guess that's the least of my worries.

We went to the zoo on Saturday. Grace took a friend and we met 2 friends there. The girls got to ride a camel. Big excitement for one day. Us big folk had to chuckle because it gave new meaning to 3 wise men.

This morning was kindergarten round up. Very interesting. I don't know why I worry about other people and what they think. I don't know why but I felt completely out of my league and quite overwhelmed. I'm hoping that feeling goes away over the summer or I'm in trouble.

Hope to have some pictures to share tomorrow of the latest creations. I can say, I'm pretty pleased with my "wing it" abilities this weekend.

Have a great night.


jacquie said...

i can send you the code if that's easier for you...grace looks so grown up.

Norma said...

Not sure why you felt out of your league at the round up......but believe me, it will be fine! (Mom to three grown, Nana to two little ones here). My DD used to teach kindergarten and I was a first grade reading aide for 16 years, all you are feeling is normal. Hang in there.