Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baby, Embroidery & 2 Tops

Baby Hadden was born on March 12th to one of my co-workers. Work has been hectic, so we weren't really prepared and didn't have the shower ahead of time. I had to rev up the embroidery machine. I'm pleased with the way everything turned out.

This is a top that I finished over the weekend and added to my April Challenge list. My goal is to get it quilted and the binding on.

I found this fabric and it made me smile so I had to buy it. It's Monsters in the Closet. I think some of those guys lived in my closet when I was little. My intent is to use the embroidery machine to add applique to the plain panels I inserted. Designs by JuJu has the coolest embroidery designs for kids.

I hope everyone has a nice Easter. We will be spending the day with family. It's fun having family that live in town now.

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KCQuilter said...

Darling baby gifts!!! You inspire me to fire up my embroidery machine.