Thursday, May 7, 2009

Done Whining...For Now

Ok, so that was some serious whining, now that I've re-read that last post. Felt a little bit better getting it off my chest. I'm going to make a list and get busy. This week I will finish up the big stash of bags that I've been making for Brandi and then get busy with my list of To Do items.

Back to quilting content.
This is what I've been working on. Now that I look at the picture, boy is it ORANGE. The fabric is from a kit that I purchased to make a "beach blanket". At the time I really liked the pattern, but the more I looked at it I decided that I didn't really want to use the fabric for that. So I decided to make up something and see how it looked. The blocks are 10 3/4" (although they should only be 10 1/2" - the elusive quarter inch seam). I was trying to have the colors read light to dark and then twist the blocks in the opposite direction. I found the border fabric on the 1/2 price rack at one of the LQS. It's one of the oranges in the blocks. I'm not so sure that I like it next to all the blocks. Probably will have to stare at it for a while longer. I keep thinking that would rather go with a light blue or light green border instead and then just use the orange for the back.

It's dreary this morning. Good sleeping weather. The weather forecast says it should be in the high 70's by afternoon and then storms tonight. Everything is so incredibly green now. I love Spring.
Last but not least, I must share Buddy pictures. He accompanied Grace and I to the time trial even this weekend. Yeah the guys did great, times were good, but the dog was the talk of the event.

Have a great day!


Rachel said...

Adorable Pooch! I like the colors you have for the quilt. Very nice; bright and cheerful.

jovaliquilts said...

I love the colors in those fabrics, and the occasional burst of big flowers. I can't tell what is sewed together, but have you thought of mixing up the blocks? That border might work then (course you never can tell til you see it!).

Lisa said...

Love the quilt and the colors are great! Buddy is adorable!!