Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Loot

Couldn't pass up showing you some of the loot I came home with from our trip. Grace and I hit some fun stores.

First is the helpers. They all had to come up and supervise while I was taking pictures. At least there isn't any hissing or barking going on when this picture was taken.

At the NQA Show, there was wonderful vendor mall. It was busy, but no where near as busy as it gets in Chicago at that show.

Tammy Tadd had a booth. I love her stuff. She hails from Sycamore Illinois. The above fabric is going to be used for a skirt for Grace. She picked it out. I really like the colors.

Very cool hand stitched hearts. I can't find the lady's business card now or my receipt. UGH. She also made purses with the cool designs on them. I'm not sure what I'm going to with my blocks yet.

Designs by Debbie. I'm going to be the Queen of the Girl Cave. Hopefully it will be as easy as it looks.
Pieceful Gathering in Fox River Grove, Illinois. Poor Grace got whiplash. We were driving up Rte 14 to Cary (my home town) and I saw the sign. I whipped the car around and drove into the parking lot as quick as I could. I had no idea there was a shop so close to my sister's house. Lots of reproduction fabric. We picked up some Christmas Fat quarters. Can't wait to get cutting.

Touch of Amish in Barrington Illinois. Also very close to my sister's house.

Creative Fires in Springfield, Ohio. Fired up the GPS on my Sprint phone and we were off. This is the craziest store. 1/2 of it is pot belly stoves, the other half is a quilt shop. Couldn't resist picking up some Christmas fabric. The pattern that you can't see is Take 5.

Now I'm broke and won't be able to buy anything for quite awhile. We definitely had fun shopping.

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SandyQuilts said...

I was at NQA too.

You might want to check out Deb,'s blog in reference to the crown.