Thursday, March 18, 2010

What the .................???????????

I just have to share my 4AM craziness. The dog decides he needs to go to the bathroom, so I get my coat and shoes on and head to the backyard, Buddy in tow. We have a traffic circle to the west of our house and it's lit up very well. I notice 3 guys walking and carrying on a rather loud conversation. At first I didn't think much about it, but then realized, hey it's 4AM and why are there guys walking up my street. So I move Buddy across the backyard so that I can see what's going on as the guys come up the street. Sure enough, they stop at the house across from mine. There are 3 cars sitting in the driveway. 2 of the guys try all three cars. The 3rd guy is now making his way up my driveway. My car is sitting in the driveway and yes, we didn't lock it. That fight instinct kicks in and I yell. According to my husband, what I screamed at them was loud enough to wake the dead. What I screamed was definitely not kid friendly, but I certainly got their attention. I ran inside and called the police, the whole time watching the 3 goons just meander on up the street. No running, nothing. Like they were just out for a leisurely stroll.

The police showed up 15 minutes later, so I talked with him for a bit and then try to go back to bed. My heart was still racing.

Annoying, very annoying. It annoys me that people think it's OK to break into cars to steal things that aren't theirs. Annoying that there was no "OH CRAP" response which makes me realize this is probably standard protocol for 4AM for these guys.

Grace is on spring break. We are getting ready to head out and enjoy some bonding time at the laundromat. Let some spring cleaning begin.

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Pam Richardson said...

OMFG I would expect that in my old neighborhood in The Dotte but you live in freaking south Leawood! OMG OMG. Girl, you need a bigger dog at the very least. And it took the freaking Leawood PD FIFTEEN minutes to get there?! Unbelievable. Glad you and Buddy and your car are OK. Jeez!