Monday, March 15, 2010

Design Wall Monday

The picture is from the right side of my design wall. It's apple cores that I cut using my Go-Cutter. Definitely going to be a challenge. I tried sewing a couple blocks together and I don't like my curves. Fons & Porter are going to have help. I remember seeing something on one of their episodes and in a magazine about the way you are supposed to sew a curve to be successful. I think I was doing it the opposite because it was rough. But due to my interruptions, I couldn't remember which way I sewed when I picked the next 2 blocks ups. I still have the horse quilt up on the left side. I'm starting to figure out why I've done nothing with this UFO for such a long time. It's brown and it's depressing. I need COLOR.

Today we went and painted ceramics. Very funny. Tomorrow is a trip to the mall. Grandma says she will be jumping on the bungee thing with Grace. I will be taking my camera to get video.

Have a great night.

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