Sunday, May 9, 2010


I have to ask why and if other people do the same thing.

I noticed something that I do on a regular basis this morning as my husband was heading out for his normal Sunday morning bike ride. I make sure to tell him I love him and to be careful. Got to thinking that mom did the same thing to my dad. "Have a good day at work, be careful."  If I were to really sit and analyze it, I'm sure it's just my crazy way of saying I really love you.  Who knows.

Didn't really realize that I did that until this morning.  Being mother's day, I'm thinking about mom since I can't call her.

Do you do stuff like that?  Things that pass over from one generation to the next.


Anonymous said...

I live with my mom and we have a little routine that we go through every morning when I leave for work. Every day we say the same thing, although it isn't intentional.
Me: "I'm heading out, see you later."
Mom: "Yep, have a good one."
Me: "Yep, you too."
Mom" "Yep."

I've decided that "Yep" is our shorthand for "I love you." Now I'm going to go tell her that...

Laurie said...

YEP...sure do! I tell my youngest son, a firefighter to stay safe all the time! Happy mom's day!

Pam said...

Every morning when Rod leaves for work I say "be careful" and he's always been ok. Now I'm afraid not to say it, lol.