Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wayside Waifs Fun

My photographer friend, Brandi, held a pet portrait session on Sunday in order to raise money / items for Wayside Waifs.  I volunteered to make dog bandanas for all of the pooches being photographed.  Here are a few pictures that Brandi shared with me.

I took Buddy and our 2 cats down for pictures.  Buddy was great.  He actually had the nerve to yawn at Brandi while she was trying to take pictures.  The cats were NOT thrilled at their opportunity to shine in the limelight.  Shiner, the dosile easy going cat, became PSYCHO kitty with hissing and growling.  Not too many pictures were taken of him.  Sissy did a bit better, but not much.  Brandi always manages to get good shots, so I'm not too concerned.

Have a great day.

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