Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Summer is here in KC. I think we had about 6 days of spring and jumped right into the hot stuff. I refuse to complain about the heat given how darn cold it was this winter. I wish I could bottle the 90's and pull it out in small doses in January.

School's out. Hubs works from home so we had to head out last week.

First up the Zoo.  The munchkin loves the Lorikeets.  Thankfully we had a zookeeper explain that they make horrible pets, so that's helped us avoid the "I Wish I had a Lorikeet of my own."

 Mr. Peacock showed us how pretty his feathers are.  That was a treat.

All for now.  More fabric and quilt pictures to come.

Have a great night.

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Char said...

I chuckled when I saw the Lorikeets. When they first came to the Philadelphia zoo my husband took my daughter to see them and she was so excited. While she was handling one it bit her and she has hated them ever since. She's 18 now and still doesn't think it's funny.