Thursday, December 6, 2007

Time...I Need More Time

Ok, so I thought blogging about my quilt projects might help me get motivated and finish some things. Good idea...not working. This week I have been getting ready for a holiday open house that we are having on Saturday. I really didn't think it would take that much time. Ok, so what was I thinking????

The one crafty thing I can so that I've worked on this week is with the embroidery machine. I managed to figure out how to get purchased designs into the Singer software and make names. Very big accomplishment for me, since it meant that I really had to get the manual out and honestly read and follow directions. Winging it wasn't working, so I broke down and got the book out. I will have to post pictures once I get the items stitched out.
One of my quilting friends asked for name tags for her Christmas presents. She has decided to go green and make fabric gift bags for all her presents this year. The name tags I'm going to make for her, then can be pulled off the bag and used the next year, right along with the bags. Very cool idea.

I really do wish that there were just a couple more hours in each day. If there were, I really think some of my unfinished items might be completed. Oh well!

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