Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday

Tonight I'm sitting at the kitchen working on the bags that I make for my photographer friend, Brandi. Each bag has a machine embroidered logo on it and is designed to fit specific wall collection frames that she sells to her customers. It's days like these that I sometimes wish I had an industrial machine. It takes 22 minutes to stitch out the designs. A painfully long process.

I'm hearing lots of giggling from the other room. I'm either the butt of a good joke between my husband and daughter or I'm about to be buzzed by the miniature helicopter my husband bought himself for Christmas.

There really is a point to my blathering. I picked up the copy of Quilter's Home magazine that I brought home. Two articles on the cover really caught my attention - McQuilting: Are we Taking the Creativity out of Patchwork? and When to Declare a UFO DOA (which may have to wait until tomorrow).

McQuilting is such a derogatory term that the cover definitely caught my attention. That word just brings to mind fast and quick, while not the best quality - good enough until I can get some real sustenance. The article starts off by painting a picture of a quilter going to her local quilt shop and ordering one fat quarter bundle, a charm pack and 2 inch strips on the side. Oh and don't forget the free pattern. The question then turns to: Is creativity being choked because this type of "quilting diet" is fast, fun and easy? Hmmm, something to ponder now isn't it???? The article talks about the designer lines of fabric and how some quilt shops buy lines sight unseen because an artist has sold well for them in the past. Some shop owners were interviewed and provided their commentary on the various lines of fabric coming out and how they buy. All of which was very interesting.

After I read the whole article, I really started thinking about the amount of things going on in my day or week and how much spare time I have and can really devote to piecing and quilting. I think I do fit into the McQuilter category due to my new obsession for charm squares and jelly rolls. I guess I shouldn't be so sensitive since being a McQuilter isn't such a bad thing, at least at the present. My next question was why do I like the charm packs and jelly rolls so much? I think it's because I get a whole line of fabric and I don't have to buy crazy amounts that I might not ever use (although having a stash isn't bad). When I pick my own fabric for projects, it seems like I continually get stuck in the same color rut. I like what I like and I really don't branch out. When I do force myself to branch out, it sometimes seems very painful or not very fun. The charm pack or jelly roll helps me step out and try things that I might not otherwise. There are always fabrics in those sets that I don't like and would NEVER pick myself.

Don't get me wrong, there are times that I'm by no means a McQuilter and very willing to step out and "wing it" on my very own creation. Those are normally the projects where I am trying to really stretch my abilities. There haven't been a lot of projects like this, but the ones I have completed, have made me very happy and pleased with my efforts.

Are you a McQuilter? What's your opinion of the term? What's your opinion of the article?

One last thing for this post - Rock Chalk Jayhawk, GO KU!!!

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