Saturday, February 9, 2008

UFO #4 (Quilted)

UFO #4 was quilted this afternoon. All I need to do is get the binding on it and then it's officially done. I picked this pattern up when we were in Dallas 2 years ago. The car and it's driver (me) needed to make a trip to McKinney to The Quilt Asylum. Very cool store. The pattern is made from a charm square pack and it's supposed to look like an elongated star. If I really stare at the top I can see it, but it's not something that jumps out at me.

For the quilting, I did some swirls. Pretty fun and they didn't turn out too bad. I don't have a stitch regulator on my machine, so there are some sections were the stitching got a little large. I think it just means that I need to practice some more.

The trip to the quilt shops on Thursday evening was a LOT of fun. As usual, I did some damage. We hit Quilting Bits & Pieces in Eudora first. They have such beautiful fabric there. I had one very hungry 4 year old on my hands, so finding food was of the essence. We loaded back up in the car and drove to Lawrence. Dinner was at Free State Brewery. I absolutely love that place and pick it every time we head to Lawrence. Unfortunately dinner took a little bit too long because Sarah's was closed by the time we made it back down the street. I'm sure that people were laughing at the 3 of us standing in front of the shop window oogling over the fabric on display. There will be a return trip to Lawrence in the near future. We jaywalked across the street to Stitch On Needlework. That's where the damage occurred for me. I love all of the BRIGHT kids fabric that they carry. The munchkin was on a mission to add to her purple stash. My friend Christine didn't help and just kept handing her more and more purple fat quarters. I'm going to have to come up with something to use all of the fat quarters we accumulate.


Laurie said...

OH NO FAIR...I love Eudora and Free State Brewery! I hope you got some great purchases!!! Your UFO's are sure getting cranked out as well! YOU GO GIRL!

Nana's Quilts said...

Very cute! I have used that pattern for some other things, but never thought of it for a nickel pack. Fun! And from what I can see the quilting looks great.


Quilting Mama said...

Good for you for finishing some of those old projects! I'm trying to do the same, though I make tops as fast or faster than I can quilt them!

Have fun!

Jacquie said...

Sorry you missed Sarahs, but sounds like you had a great time. This is a really pretty quilt. Love the whimisical quilting...amazing how quilting can enhance a quilt. I've never been to the quilt shop in Eudora...I feel a field trip in my future.

loulee1 said...

What a pretty quilt. Great finish.:-)

Val said...

Oh how cute...I've been collecting reds & pinks lately, what with Valentines just passing and I've got an idea what I might want to do with them! :)